Ignite for Individuals

Nervous. Isolated. Concerned.

These are all quite understandable emotions to feel (and often all in one day) when faced with a career transition at any life stage. Ignite recognizes that although we all feel the emotions in different ways each person is individual and will have their own particular preferences as to how he or she wishes to work. Ignite aims to work with individuals and support them in in the key steps in their career transition. Just knowing you have that support in hand will help normalize a process which 1000s of people go through each week.

Excited. Determined. Challenged. Focused.

We are all aware of the reality that in each lifetime we may all have 3 - 4 different careers. For some this process can trigger anxiety. Learning and applying a defined process to get from A to B removes that anxiety. Being organized and focused on the task in hand means you will even enjoy the transition of moving from one role to another.
A career transition process should allow people to embrace this challenge as well as learn new skills to reach enjoyable and achievable goals.

We work with:

Mid Careerists
Portfolio Careerists
HR, Engineers
Sales & Marketing Professionals
Fund Managers
Investment Bankers.

We have developed a set of tools derived from coaching practice and other disciplines to enable our clients to move forward onto their next chapter in an organized way.

Recent clients come to us from:

Law Firms
Pension Funds
Retail Businesses
Private Banks
Fund Management Companies
Private Health Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Technology Businesses

We work with every sort of career transition question from CVs, using LinkedIn, building a network, interview practice to more complex questions of  career direction, personal branding and leadership.