Ignite for Corporates

Your Team

Your team is at the heart of your business growth and success. When the business environment changes with potentially negative implications, the impact on your team is often almost immediate. The need to handle this carefully is of paramount importance.

The need to handle this carefully is paramount

No leader wants to be remembered as the person who gave colleagues 5 minutes to clear their desk. Agreeing to involuntary exits of team members is a tough decision with legal and financial ramifications.

You will now be working to retain those the business can keep and managing out those who regrettably will have to leave

Enabling Business Leaders

Ignite works with businesses across a number of sectors including:

Private Banking
Investment Management
Investment Banking

We enable business leaders to minimize risk and maintain focus by outsourcing the management of the involuntary exits. Our clients are keen that their reputation remains untarnished by any period of instability.

Career Transition Support

Ignite then works with the individuals who are exiting the business and ensure they get all the career transition support they require over a defined period of time working with them on:

Career direction

Building a campaign

Communicating with future employers.

Planning for success in their next role

We ensure that every exit is an elegant one and further builds the reputation of the employer.